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Getting Started on Inkspand

Crowdsource readers from your target market to provide reviews of your book.  Post your reviews to Amazon and/or B&N, and create publicity for your book by posting your reviews on Facebook and Twitter.  Free.  You provide a copy of your ebook and the reader will provide a book review.  

Every book receives a slot for free:

    • a minimum 250 word review
    • a rating out of 5 stars
    • suggested pricing for your ebook
    • social media tools to publicize your book.

Need multiple reviews?  Want them quicker?  Generate a crowd of readers for your book, starting at $25. 

Whether you need a beta reader or a book reviewer, the feedback is honest.  It's a way to get additional exposure, another endorsement, and generate word-of-mouth for your book.  

Use your reviews to promote your book and begin generating word-of-mouth marketing.

Use crowdsourcing to find your target market and get reviews.  Let Inkspand streamline the process for you!

Upload Your Book

Upload your book and activate your free slot (additional slots can be purchased for $25).  Readers from your target genre(s) will sign-up to fill your slot(s) and provide reviews/feedback within 45 days.  Only the assigned readers will have access to your book, and you retain all rights to your book.  

Edit Your Book

Edit your book based on what your target readers liked, and disliked, about your book, and set the price according to how much they're willing to pay for your book.

Need help editing your book?  Get a professional editor to prepare your book for publication.

Promote Your Book

Post your selected reviews on Facebook and Twitter, on your book's Amazon and/or B&N pages, as blurbs on the back of your book, in press releases, on your website, and in your queries to literary agents.

Link your book to your Amazon page to drive referrals and sales.  

How will this help me to sell my book?

Every author, whether traditionally published or self published, needs reviews for their book.  Why not select which reviews you want posted to your book's Amazon and/or B&N page?  Use crowdsourcing to spread the word about your book.

Price attracts readers to a book.  Ratings & reviews help to promote a book.  Word-of-mouth helps to sell a book.

Your success is yours to make.

Books on the site from Publisher:

Now you, too, can get the privileges of being a popular blogger.  Get a free ebook in return for your review.  Plus, for select books, receive $10 for your feedback!

How Does It Work?

1) Select a book from the site

2) Agree to provide feedback within 45 days 

3) Download the free book (in PDF format, readable on all tablets, including kindles)

4) Login within 45 days with your feedback, which will include:

- a rating out of 5 stars
- a minimum 250 word review
- and your suggested pricing for the book.

5) Select another book from the site...

As part of this review process, you'll also be expected to post your review to Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble if/when the author makes that request.  This is your chance to help out an author AND get paid!

Receive a free ebook and $10 in return for your feedback on this book.

Receive a free ebook in return for your feedback on this book.

Or place yourself on the waiting list for that book to become available.  Many authors open slots based on the readers waiting to read their book.

Become a member to get access to the entire list of FREE ebooks.  You don't need to be a professional blogger.  You don't need to be professional reviewer.  Now everyone can get free ebooks.  Discover the next J.K. Rowling, John Scalzi, Stephenie Meyer, or Suzanne Collins.  

Discover the next bestseller! 

Pointers for navigating Inkspand:
  • click NO on the books you're not interested in - they'll be removed from your browsing list so that you always see the newest books on the site.
  • create a MAYBE list to be notified when the book becomes available, or to simply mark a book for later reading.
  • the Genre filter at the top-right of the page can quickly display the list of free books in specific genres.

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